As the coronavirus pandemic continues to take lives, infections continue to spike, and economic damage mounts—Americans will vote in November to decide on the presidency, who controls the United States House and Senate, as well as governorships and statehouses across the country.

And they must be able to vote.

Given how the Covid-19 crisis has already impacted many states and local elections, it is crucial that every American is given the opportunity to safely and simply cast their ballot.

Project Yellowstone was founded to create voter awareness and information campaigns across the country to ensure that voters in states with all-mail and no-fault absentee balloting are aware of the opportunity to vote by mail. Beyond that, Project Yellowstone will execute public advocacy campaigns educating voters on how to vote early or absentee and most importantly, motivate them to do so.

In states with more restrictive absentee voting parameters, we will work with allied voter rights, good government, and civic organizations to urge state leaders and election officials to make voting by mail an immediate priority. No voters should be forced to choose between their own health and safety and exercising their right to vote on Election Day.

We will utilize publicly-available voter data and information to design educational campaigns suited for each state. We will create advertising focused first on those at risk-voters, typically older Americans, for whom standing in line at a polling place may be too difficult or too dangerous.

From there, we will focus our efforts on voters who may not have otherwise participated in the election due to work or family constraints but who would cast their ballots if they could do so from the convenience and safety of their own home.

“Never before has the vote mattered as much, and never before have events conspired to make it more difficult to cast that vote safely. We are determined that everyone who wishes to vote, regardless of their political persuasion, can do so without taking unnecessary health risks,” said Greg Jenkins, Co-Executive Director.

“Our vote is one of the most fundamental rights and responsibilities that we have,” said Erin Dobson, Co-Executive Director. “It is critical that we vote and vote early so that every vote counts and that every vote is counted.”

Project Yellowstone will be running their first a—“OUR VOTE COUNTS”—on Friday, August 28.

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