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Given how the Covid-19 crisis has already impacted many state and local elections, it is crucial that every American is given the opportunity to safely and simply cast their ballot.

Project Yellowstone was founded to create voter awareness and information campaigns in states across the country to ensure that voters in states with “no-fault” absentee balloting are aware of the opportunity to vote by mail and how they go about requesting a ballot for the November election.

In those states with more restrictive absentee parameters, we will work with allied voter rights, good government and civic organizations to urge state leaders and election officials to make voting by mail animmediate priority. No voter should be forced to choose between their own health and safety and making their voice heard on Election Day.

We will utilize publicly available voter data and information to design information campaigns suited for each state. Given the tools at our disposal, we will create advertising – broadcast, cable, radio and digital, focused first on those at-risk voters – typically older Americans, for whom standing in line at a polling place may be too difficult or too dangerous.

From there, we will analyze those voters who may not have otherwise participated in the election, given work or family constraints, but who would cast their ballots if they could do so from the convenience of their own home.

Given what’s at stake in this election, Project Yellowstone and its founders believe that every American, now more than ever, must be guaranteed the right and ability to cast their ballot this fall. We hope that you will join our efforts.

Our Leadership


Erin Dobson

Erin Dobson is Co-Executive Director of Project Yellowstone. She is a long-time communications strategist and brand and marketing expert. She has worked for Microsoft co-founder, Paul G. Allen, Melinda Gates and Howard Schultz as well as on numerous republican campaigns including George H.W. Bush, Bob Dole and George W. Bush. She has held a number of different communications roles in the private sector including at Nike and Coca-Cola. She worked for the host broadcaster on four different Olympics – Atlanta, Sydney, Salt Lake City and Athens. She currently is an independent communications consultant based in Seattle.


Greg Jenkins

Greg Jenkins is Co-Executive Director of Project Yellowstone. He has worked on – or has covered as a journalist – six Presidential campaigns. He worked in the George W. Bush Administration in a variety of roles at the White House, and as Communications Director at the Department of Commerce/International Trade Administration. He has worked in the private sector in a number of communications roles including at the Virginia Press Association, Burson/Marsteller Public Relations, Brunswick Group, and US Corporate Affairs at Alibaba. For the past several years he has been an independent communications consultant based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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